Mechanical Seals

Our associate company; General Seal Company Pvt. Ltd., is one of the largest manufacturers of Mechanical Sealing systems for marine, off shore and industrial applications. Established in 1980, the company's 8400 sq.ft manufacturing facility bristles with state of the art capital equipment, machinery and infrastructure facility incorporates much advanced machinery exclusively devoted to mechanical seal manufacture.

Among these is the captive advanced high energy plasma thermal spraying facility with 80 KW Mach - II ratings for production of super coatings for wear - resistant surfaces. The 250 - mm CNC Chucker with advanced computer control represents of one of the heaviest production machines exclusively for mechanical seal manufacture.

The hydraulic Universal Cylindrical Grinder too represents one of the biggest machines in the business capable of giving accuracy to within 1 - 2 microns. The computerised design of drafting system incorporates the latest cad software for accurate setting up of design parameters. Continuous investmentin production and quality measurement, inspection and testing equipment assures complete conformance to the quality standards set by ISO 9002.

The company manufactures diverse range of single and double unbalanced, balanced and cartridge seals. Years of cumulative experience in maintenance of rotating equipments adds special in sight in to our designs. We also design and tailor make seals of simple water pumps as well as complex cartridge seals ( balanced/unbalanced types ) in single or multiple array in sizes from below 10 mm to over 165 mm.