Company Profile

G.G. Automotive Gears Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the country manufacturing Transmission and Differential Gears, with the most sophisticated indigenous technology accepted in developing and advanced countries.

G.G Automotive Gears Limited (GGAG) was established in February 1974 for manufacturing of gearbox housings for automobile load carriers.

In 1979, a need arose in Indian Railways to indigenise gears and pinions of electric locomotives. GGAG proposed to meet the requirement and started heading towards the development of gears and pinions for Indian Railways.

GGAG Succeeded in introducing its first product to western Railway and then to Central Railway in September 1981,the Eastern Railway in the year 1982, Southern Railway in 1983 and other Zonal Railways also joined to form an unending association thereafter.
In September 1995, India’s diesel-electric locomotive manufacturer Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) recognised and certified GGAG as a quality loco gear manufacturer and honoured it with its valued order and today GGAG is the only major supplier catering to its 90% requirement for all kinds of gears and pinions.

In due course, GGAG evolved itself as the most reliable manufacture of gears and pinions for diesel locomotives for all Zonal Railways and OEM diesel locomotive works

GGAG also obtained ISO 9001-2008 certified from TUV INDIA LTD .
GGAG also manufacturing Gears for cooling towers  gear box and other industrial gear units.

In 2009 added one CNC Hofler Gear Grinder  and n 2010 added CNC Hobbing. In 2011
one more Hofler Gear Grinder added to enhance the production capacity.

Technical Strengths

GGAG appreciates that the need of the hour is technical excellence and GGAG realized it almost 20 years back.
• The first ever CNC Universal Measuring Machine in both public and private sector in India.
• The first largest and most modern gear testing equipment in 1980.
• The best grinding Machines.
• An eco-friendly, energy efficient and modern heat treatment shop-designed and built in house to save precious exchange.
But GGAG also thinks that the best facilities and equipments are not the only resources required to achieve technical excellence. Team power is the keyword for GGAG and of course - our biggest strength too. 

Core Strengths

• Highly skilled and self motivated work force.
• Qualified engineers and experienced managers.
• Excellent manufacturing managers.
• Very low employee turnover resulting in retention of the knowledge.
• No major labour relations problems since beginning.
• Excellent quality assurances & quality control facilities.
• Strong knowledge base.
• Continuous Training and R & D programs.